Thursday, 23 December 2010

No Laptop

Well Yule is upon us all and I hope everyone is having the best Yule they can. My love and thoughts go out esp to those severely ill, and alone. ((Gentle hugs)) to you.

I am afraid I can't make any posts of late as I have no laptop anymore. I am hoping to get the new ipad in April. To be without a real connection to the outside world while stuck alone in a dark room alone is pretty grime. I am luckily I have my little Nintendo DSI, which just about lets me on to twitter.

Everyone be well. Hugs and well wishes to you all. May today be a good day. xx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hello World

Hello world,

I have to say I was never very good with words, or being able too express them the way I wanted them to form, and that was before I got ill. Now words always seem a struggle to me. They don't form how they should in my mind – like jumbled pieces of wool in a huge knot. Trying to entangle them or even remember what the name of a simple object is, is quite a task.

Expressing myself I always was more at home with a pencil or a paintbrush it seem so much easier to convey my emotions, thoughts feelings and ideas through pictures and strokes of colour, it was natural to me. But I haven't been able to paint in a very long time. But I wanted a way to try and have a voice – it seems so faint now days, and this is my way. A small blog that I am sure no-one will read. But I hope it does me some good to express myself, maybe through not feeling so alone. Because with everything M.E does to you, your, mind, your body, it also makes you feel terribly isolated.

I wanted to write more, but I have already pushed my limit. Those with M.E, and other spoonies. I am sure understand. So this is going to be my small corner in the world, where I hope to update as much as my body is willing. And hopefully meet a few people like me with M.E. And find new friends, friends that can understand.

Gentle hugs. And to any spoonie out there reading this– may you have a restful and good day.